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GDPR, adblock, ads.txt…There’s no time like the present for revenue recovery initiatives

Jul 10, 2018 8:40:00 AM


With all that’s happening in the market, publishers are taking seriously every path available to recover revenue while not negatively impacting the user experience.

Now that the GDPR noise is (a bit) less loud and publishers are seeing the revenue impact of less sophisticated targeting (we are hearing anywhere from 20-40% revenue reduction in many cases), revenue recovery initiatives have become even more top-of-mind. While the litany of GDPR issues to address may take time, there are a few quick fixes that pubs can and should address fairly easily.


We hear of many pubs losing money due to ads.txt issues that are simple ‘fat-finger’ mistakes on their files or improper entry of monetization partners. These issues, while easy to fix are a pain to stay on top of — but we recommend you do it — as it can cost you anywhere between high-hundreds to tens-of-thousands per day. The solution may be as simple as running a monitoring tool or checking your file on a more regular basis.

Adblock Revenue Recovery

While Adblock recovery is another challenge and the ever-present dark cloud - it can be addressed rather quickly and simply by choosing reliable vendors. There are basically two types of solutions:

  • Adblock Compensation tools like Google Funding Choices that offer users options to compensate the publisher, and
  • Adblock Recovery tools like ours that capture lost revenue from ad blockers with an extra-light ad experience for users of adblocking technology

On the subject of Adblock recovery tools: a good ad recovery vendor should recover much of your lost revenue at your normal CPMs while using your existing demand.

The said, be careful -- some publishers who use ad block recovery software were recently disappointed when their ad reinsertion vendors ‘went dark’ and abruptly stopped providing their services.

Obviously, when considering the options for Adblock recovery vendors, you need to choose a partner that will be running and recovering every day - if the viability of the vendor is in question, then your revenue projections and consistency will be affected.

We are proud to say that Blockthrough has had over 99.9% uptime our founding in 2015. Needless to say, we welcome all of you who recently found yourselves devoid of an Ad block revenue recovery tool!

If you’re interested in a demo or trial, click below and we’ll schedule 30 minutes with you to show you how quickly you can get up and running to recover up to 70% of your blocked revenue at existing CPMs using your own demand.

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Marty Kratky-Katz

Written by Marty Kratky-Katz

Co-founder & CEO at Blockthrough