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Addressing the "Unmarketables"

Feb 26, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 8.03.38 PMHow Intermarkets, a leading media company successfully monetized their customers' adblocked audience

An 8-time Inc. 5000 Honoree (and counting) and a 20-year veteran in the media space, Intermarkets continues to help publishers maximize their ad revenue potential with smarter advertising. The company’s publisher-centric philosophy, coupled with their readiness to adopt the latest adtech technologies has helped Intermarkets publishers capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

The Opportunity

As Intermarkets grasped the true extent of the adblocking problem, it became clear that recovering revenue lost to adblock represented a huge opportunity. However, many of the solutions in market took to circumventing adblockers and so, were generally unreliable and incurred significant downtime. Furthermore, very few were able to handle the widespread transition to header bidding. As a result, the team sought solutions that will allow them to unlock the revenue recovery potential -- consistently and measurably.

The Story

By leveraging Blockthrough’s header bidding-based wrapper for the adblocked web, Intermarkets is now recovering 70-80% of the combined ad revenue their publishers were originally losing to adblock, every month.

“With Blockthrough we have stemmed the revenue loss from adblocking -- now we’re seeing ~6% additional desktop revenue each month while averaging 84% adblocked impression fill rate”
- Justin Hansen, Yield Manager

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Alicia Chin

Written by Alicia Chin