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US Ad Blocking to Jump by Double Digits This Year

Sep 29, 2016 8:16:57 AM


Ad blocking recovery solutions coming just in time...

According to e-marketer, adblock growth will jump into double digit percentages this year in the US. This topic comes up time and again in our meetings with prospects and clients.

For the US, we are hearing the numbers trend to be very high among gamers as well as high for younger more savvy users of the internet. In the EU, the number tends to be higher due to the non-unlimited nature of mobile phone plans (so blockers are installed for tethering and reducing data bills).

Obviously publishers are worried-- and should be, as this number can be as high as a fifth of revenue. The good news is a lot of solid adblock recovery solutions are on the market and capturing this lost revenue for publishers.  If you are interested in a demo of Blockthrough, click below to set one up.

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Marty Kratky-Katz

Written by Marty Kratky-Katz

Co-founder & CEO at Blockthrough