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Adblock mixed with GDPR: The Poisonous Publisher Cocktail

Jul 24, 2018 8:22:00 AM

How ignoring adblock revenue loss strengthens the platforms and weakens publisher control


(Authors Note: I have made some simplifications and taken some artistic license in the interest of getting to the point more quickly and addressing today’s publisher challenges with the appropriate amount of drama.)

Based on a lot of discussions with publishers, there seems to a current poisonous summer cocktail present at the bar for sellers of digital media. The recipe goes something like this:

  • The base ingredient is the ever-increasing creep of Adtech on page to combat GDPR losses (we hear up to 40% losses in some cases)
  • ...leading to (more) users installing adblock to speed up page load times and reduce ad clutter
  • Shake well with the fact that many adblock recovery vendors are now inoperable
  • Mix in other new privacy laws,
  • Add a spritz of ads.txt (mis-)management,
  • Add a dash of consent management,
  • Then stir in ever increasing concerns around data leaking off to providers like DMPs building their own cookie data-based profiles on users appearing on your sites

Sound delicious, Publishers??? Have a sip. How does this make you feel?

Now, are you:

  • Struggling (hangover?) with revenue loss from 20-40% adblockers?
  • Waking up to pricing erosion headaches from piggybacked players building better data models and monetizing elsewhere?
  • Getting light headed from increased liability due to data leakage?
  • Consuming yet more "new elixirs" on the page to attempt to recover revenue lost from Ad blockers and GDPR with a new panacea?
  • Having that inescapable feeling that Facebook, Google and Amazon are making more off your inventory than you are?

If you have any of these symptoms, you could use some help. You see, here at Blockthrough we can recover ~70% of your revenue lost from ad blocking with no negative impact on your user experience, so you can reduce dependency on the next new elixir. While ad recovery revenue doesn’t solve all the issues above, it will bring back valuable revenue nearly overnight and help you maintain control of your dat and how your inventory is monetized.

Ironically, the current cocktail is a result of the unabated Adtech pixel party brought on as the industry ramped and matured. While the longer-term fix is being smarter about what you consume (tech you use) - and consuming less of it, an immediate solution is to make sure that the revenue you rightfully earn makes it to your income statement so you don’t reduce profitability and seek additional solutions that will further crowd your header and encourage more ad blocking.

We’d love talk to you about Blockthrough so you can see just how much easier life is with fewer partners, less data leakage, and more control of your inventory - and wait for it... less revenue dependency on Facebook, Amazon and Google.

Drop us a line to see a quick demo of the platform.

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Marty Kratky-Katz

Written by Marty Kratky-Katz

Co-founder & CEO at Blockthrough