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Four Qualities of A Great Adblock Revenue Recovery Solution

Oct 18, 2018 7:30:00 AM

As the use of adblockers increased sharply in recent years, the ad tech industry responded with a slew of adblock recovery solutions (adblock recovery, messaging and alternative compensation).

In this post, we will dive into the four characteristics of a great adblock revenue recovery solution to help you choose the right one for your business so you can continue to maximize the value of your audience. You can get an in-depth understanding of each solution by checking out our Definitive Guide to solving the adblock revenue loss problem. 

1) Revenue Recovered


To judge the efficacy of an ad recovery solution, assessing the revenue returned is a huge factor. With the increased use of adblockers and loss in revenue from brands shifting spending to tech giants like Google and Facebook, the ad-supported model is under siege. The cumulative effect makes it challenging for independent publishers to remain profitable in the long run.

Ultimately, if you can recapture a large percentage of the ~25-30% (~US adblock rate) revenue lost while delivering an acceptable ad experience to end users, you are positioned better to prosper.


2) Reliability

It can get frustrating when adblock recovery vendors promise high revenue recovery rates but deliver subpar results due to inconsistent efficacy and long periods when their solutions are down or ineffective. Adblock circumvention technologies offered by some vendors can be a hit-or-miss, as many of you know. The endless cat-and-mouse game between adblock recovery solution vendors and the adblock companies themselves takes a toll on the publisher. Often, publishers are plagued with problems such as broken pages, ads not showing or the amount of revenue eventually recovered being negligible. This is playing out as we speak -- many other adblock recovery vendors are temporarily or permanently ineffective due to their approaches to adblock recovery.

If you are going to lean into an adblock recovery solution (and we strongly believe you should :) ) you need to make sure you can predictably count on the revenue recovered and each month should be fairly consistent with the last so you can budget reliably. With many other solutions, this is not possible (this is why we strongly encourage you to consider speaking with us).

Blockthrough’s technology ensures that ads comply with acceptable industry standards, allowing publishers to monetize their content consistently and successfully - every day, every month.


3) Works with your existing tech stack


By leveraging your established relationships with SSPs, you are assured of a trusted and steady pool of demand. Adblock recovery vendors that do not use your existing demand may potentially pull in lower CPMs and consequently, generate lower revenue for your ad inventory. In addition, it may make sense to steer away from adblock recovery approaches that use CDNs. What some vendors call “Deep Partnership”, can be sugar-coating on a costly, complicated, and lengthy integration that may not be consistent and, in some cases, these solutions hurt the user experience.

Similarly, we encourage you to investigate adblock recovery solution vendors that are technology agnostic. For instance, Blockthrough’s adblock revenue recovery uses a modified version of Prebid (an industry standard), which allows it to work with any header setup. The straightforward and seamless setup means you can start recovering adblocked revenue rapidly, without getting bogged down by complex implementation process.

4) Emphasis on user experience


An unpleasant ad experience will only repel website visitors, jeopardizing your ability to maximize ad revenue.

The growing popularity of adblockers is a referendum by end users on the poor online browsing experience. As explained previously, disruptive ads and malware concerns are the main reasons why users install adblockers. Hence, an adblock recovery solution that doesn’t address the user experience is not resolving the root cause. If users are put off, they will simply choose to browse content from alternative websites. This is especially true for lesser known publishing brands. To respect end users, your chosen adblock revenue recovery solution should create a non-intrusive ad experience. Failing to do so runs the risk of potentially antagonizing your users and making them more difficult to monetize.

At Blockthrough, we believe that an adblock revenue recovery solution should be an always-on, set-and-forget part of the stack. By choosing a vendor whose solution is easy to implement, has an uptime of 99.9% and recovers ~70% of your revenue lost to adblock, you can stem your adblock revenue losses and maximize your ad revenue. With so many vendors either down or inconsistent, we are confident that Blockthrough provides the strongest adblock recovery solution in the market. Please feel free to reach out for a quick demo and check out our adblock revenue recovery calculator, to estimate how much adblocked revenue you can recover with Blockthrough.

Alicia Chin

Written by Alicia Chin