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Blockthrough's Marty Kratky-Katz: "Adblocking is not a zero-sum game."

Mar 21, 2019 7:30:00 AM



Early this year, Marty sat down with PubExec to talk about the magnitude of the adblocking problem for publishers and the revenue recovery opportunities that arise.

Three Takeaways

  1. The David versus Goliath battle between publishers and Google-Facebook duopoly rages on. In fact, recent data breaches have left such a bad aftertaste, that he wouldn’t be surprised to see a surge in adblock rates -- keeping this challenge on the top of publishers list of problems to solve. As the world faces more and more of these data breaches, adblock recovery becomes table stakes as users fight back from tracking, data privacy, etc

  2. Adblocking is not a zero-sum game: 70% of all adblock users that visit sites within Blockthrough's portfolio are willing to accept lighter-weight ads, meaning there’s an opportunity for publishers to recover revenue they would’ve otherwise lost.

  3. Circumventing adblockers is a bad idea as many publishers can attest to. Burned by unreliable and frequent periods of downtime, it’s no wonder that they are now wary of adblock recovery solutions. He believes they are overlooking precious revenue opportunities especially when the technology exists today which monetizes consistently, and boasts a ~99% uptime.

    Read the complete interview here.

Alicia Chin

Written by Alicia Chin