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Introducing Pub Talk: Ad News for Publishers

Dec 18, 2018 7:30:00 AM


In an effort to keep our publishing friends in the loop with the most relevant and interesting news, we have pulled together a weekly roundup of articles worth paying attention to. We are calling this Pub Talk and we welcome your feedback!


Week of 12/10/18

Editorial teams may be shrinking, but marketplace complexity means media-savvy product managers are in high demand. How header bidding is crushing ad tech middle men. HTC’s new blockchain-powered phone will launch with an ablocking-supported browser. Here are some of the things we learned about the digital publishing business this week.

Survey says over half of U.S. publishers are using audience data to drive revenue

“For a publisher, a pro of having a data business is that it can provide a high-margin revenue stream that isn’t too labor-intensive once it is set up and running properly”

via eMarketer


Product managers become must-haves as publishers diversify their revenue streams

“A highly developed digital publisher might operate multiple mobile and desktop websites; multiple mobile and OTT apps; it might have more than one digital video operation; it might have more than one advertising product that needs regular updating; it might have a subscription operation.”

via Digiday


The adblocking arms race continues behind Facebook’s walled garden

“Along with introducing advertisement settings in an attempt to lure users away from adblockers altogether, Facebook has continually tweaked its code to try to prevent adblockers from working on the site.”

via Motherboard


Will PC users stick with Edge if it looks and acts like Chrome?

A future version of Edge able to make use of Chrome extensions could encourage people to stick with the default web browser in Windows 10, and may even convince Chrome users to stick with Edge when they get a new PC, rather than immediately install the rival web browser.”

via TechRadar


How header bidding is crushing ad tech platforms

“While regarded as a highly successful method for buying and selling programmatic media for publishers, the method has put a strain on ad tech vendor infrastructures and accelerated ad supply commoditization.

via Digiday


YouTube to launch new monetization products for gaming-focused creators in 2019

“Obviously we have a robust ad platform that allows creators to monetize and we’ve been continuing to create opportunities for alternative monetization outside of ads.”

via VentureBeat


Javascript founder’s adblocking browser will be default on HTC’s new blockchain phone

“Brave [is] a blockchain project that is focused on rewarding users of its web browser with its native Basic Attention Token (BAT) when they view ads and other content from advertisers”, has been made the official web browser for HTC’s Exodus 1 blockchain smartphone

via blockchainreporter