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Pub Talk: Ad-News for Publishers

Apr 25, 2019 7:30:00 AM



What we've learned in April

Google Chrome’s blocking third-party cookies? Firefox blocks fingerprint tracking. Axel Springer locked in a legal battle with Adblock Plus owner Eyeo for the fourth time. Here are our findings.


Ever feel like you're being tracked online?

How Will Google’s Move To Restrict Third-Party Cookies Affect Publishers?

Google rumored to be in talks to create their version of Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), sending Criteo’s stock down. If such changes happen, publishers will have to get creative: “A publisher coop could emerge, allowing publishers to share data based on IDs and monetize more effectively across the ecosystem using the data they’ve collected,” according to Eric Berry, CEO of TripleLift.

Source: AdExchanger


Firefox expands anti-tracking features with browser fingerprint blocking

The new feature will prevent websites from being able to “fingerprint” users’ browser and track them, even after they’ve cleared their cookies. A privacy-first world remains on the horizon.

Source: The Verge 


German Publishing Giant Claims Blocking Ads Is Copyright Infringement, In Yet Another Lawsuit Against The Industry Leader

Adblock Plus is calling the Axel Springer’s copyright infringement claim against them “peculiar”, considering that blocking ads is under the control of the user and changes weren’t made server-side. “They made a decision to make this public before even serving the papers to us, which is peculiar — just as the supposed claims are,” said Ben Williams, Director of Advocacy at Adblock Plus.

Source: Digiday


Government Regulation Is Chief Threat to Marketers’ Data-Driven Initiatives

>50% of the US digital marketers surveyed stated that they are most concerned with the wave of data privacy laws. As a result of not fully understanding what enforcement will look like, many are scratching their heads.

Source: eMarketer


Mozilla Wants Apple to Limit iPhone Ad Tracking

Much ado about nothing? Is Mozilla’s petition to change how advertisers serve up targeted ads unmerited? -- given that one can easily turn off the identifier (IDFA) and/or enable Limit Ad Tracking on iOS 10 or greater.

Source: PCMag 


80% of web users know ads fund publishers - more are filtering rather than blocking ads

The internet’s ad-sponsored model can be saved: “Research indicates that internet users would be willing to accept less invasive forms of advertising in return for being given greater control of both the quantity and quality of adverts they see.”

Source: The Drum 


Alicia Chin

Written by Alicia Chin