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12 Billion Reasons Why Adblock Revenue Recovery has become “table stakes” in the modern publisher stack

Oct 23, 2018 7:30:00 AM

With the continued growth of adblockers in some regions and persistent rates upwards of 30% in others, publishers should ensure revenue recovery tools are embedded in their stacks.

US Publishers: Revenue Losses Increase With Growth in Adblock Users (Figures in millions)


The adblock problem didn’t just go away because GDPR surfaced its ugly head. Adblocking is still costing publishers billions each year. eMarketer went as far to say that US publishers will incur an adblock revenue loss of $12B in 2020.

Recent data from the Association for Online Publishers (via this article on Digiday), a U.K. publisher trade body (including publishers like Condé Nast, The Guardian, and The Telegraph) said data from 14 of its members told the following story:

  • 2017: Across 14 members, ~ £14 million (US$18.6 million) in revenue was lost due to blocked ad impressions (FYI the 2016 figure was ~£10.8 million ($14.4 million))

  • The AOP estimated that the average UK publisher loses around £630,000 (US$837,000) annually.

So while the above data tells the sad story of revenue lost for publishers, there is a scalable and reliable path forward to where adblock revenue loss is drastically reduced. Ironically, the solution comes from users. Many adblock users say they are not anti-ad; they’re just anti-intrusive ad experience. What they are looking for is a lightweight ad experience that respects their online browsing experience.

By striking a balance between the publisher’s need to monetize its audience with an acceptable user experience, publishers can recover lost revenue (by most estimates, 25-30% in the US).

However, such a solution needs to work reliably at scale and not be subject to the “whack-a-mole” games being played between adblock users and adblock recovery vendors. The inconsistent nature of such vendors has caused many publishers to dismiss this valuable revenue channel.

At Blockthrough, we have built such a solution.

Blockthrough’s adblock revenue recovery platform is built with the modern header bidding stack in mind. It leverages your existing demand partners, integrates quickly, and remains up 99.9% of the time (unlike most other adblock revenue recovery vendors). We also use proprietary user filtering to prevent ‘militant’ ad blockers from seeing ads (and getting upset). We’ve built our product to be always-on and set-and-forget — and we charge only a percentage of the revenue recovered.

If you are a publisher interested in recovering ~70% of your revenue lost to adblocking, lets chat. Alternatively, click here for our revenue recovery calculator to see how much Blockthrough can get back for you. 

We look forward to speaking!

Marty Kratky-Katz

Written by Marty Kratky-Katz

Co-founder & CEO at Blockthrough